# Frequently Asked Questions

# Is ASK an ERC20 token?

No. The Permission blockchain exists entirely outside of Ethereum.

# Can I send ASK tokens to my Ethereum wallet address?

Technically yes, but you probably shouldnt. Although the Permission blockchain leverages the go-ethereum software, it is a completely different chain than Ethereum.

If you send ASK tokens to an Ethereum address, it is possible they are gone forever! Whether they are gone or not depends entirely on how the account was generated.

Permission does not support sending to Ethereum addresses.

# What wallets are available for me to use?

Please see the wallets page under our blockchain documentation. There are a number of wallet offerings, including hardware wallet support.

# How can I explore the blockchain?

You can use our explorer found at https://explorer.permission.io to explore blocks, transactions, and addresses.

# How can I obtain ASK tokens?

Right now, you can earn ASK tokens by using the Watch-and-Earn app at [https://watch.permission.io] to watch ads.

# Where can I learn more about the Permission blockchain?

Our whitepaper contains everything you would want to know!

# I have more questions that are not yet answered here

Feel free to drop by our forum and our team and community can help you out!