# Start Coding on the Permission ASK Blockchain

You can get started quickly coding dapps for the Permission ASK blockchain with Truffle/Ganache.

  1. Download Ganache/Truffle here
  2. You will want to modify the configuration file for truffle in your local copy, adding in the network and chain id for the ASK Testnet:snippet of code showing the values in context
  3. Start your copy of Ganache. example starting Ganache
  4. Create an ASK compatible wallet. The easiest way is by signing up at https://my.permission.io but we also have some [instructions on how to configure MetaMask to manage your ASK coins](link to instructions).
  5. Get some ASK Testnet tokens at the ASK Faucet
  6. Hello World Example
  7. Let’s create a simple Solidity dapp and deploy it to the ASK Testnet.
  8. Deploy your dapp to the ASK Testnet
  9. Verify your dapp deployed
  10. What’s Next?